Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust

The Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust is a Mosque founded in 1983 by Sheikh Sultan Fiaz ul Hassan and Sheikh Sultan Niaz ul Hassan Sarwari Qadri. At the heart of this venture was preserving and understanding the message of God as conveyed by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

With education and spirituality in a British context as the core ethos, the Bahu Trust established its headquarters in a 19th Century building that originally housed the old Mozart Works’ piano factory in Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Since then, it has developed more than 20 centres and numerous partnerships across the globe. Now Bahu Trust has an international reputation for leading on religious guidance, educational courses and community projects.

Masjid Services

Services, Courses, Projects & Events

We are dedicated to serving communities by offering spiritual solace through the teachings and practices of classical Sufi Islam.
Learn about our services, projects, courses and events.



See our range of online and onsite Hifz, Islamic Studies, Tarbiyyah, Tailored Programmes and more.

Community Safety

See our work on serious & organised crime, youth violence, domestic abuse, mentorship and more.

Outreach & Support

See our initiatives to help with Household Support Funds, Bereavement Services, Food Banks, Imam Advice Surgery and more.



To reduce the impacts of climate change. see our work with the United Nations. Imam Training, Plastic Free Campaigns, Advocacy and more.


See our work in various parts of the world including, Pakistan Education Projects, Mentorship, Umrah Trips and Orphans Sponsorship.


Learn more about our buddy schemes, health walks and advice surgeries

Where To Find Us

Alhamdu Lillah the Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust has various centres running ample projects to accommodate for the needs of the localities within and beyond the UK. Find your HSBT centre and see what’s going on near you.


Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust
17-21 Ombersely Road
Balsall Heath
B12 8UR


Hazrat Sultan Bahu Centre
962-968 Alum Rock Rd
Ward End
B8 2LS


Al-Hira Educational
Centre & Mosque
1209-1211 Stratford Road
Hall Green, B28 9AD


Hazrat Sultan Bahu Centre
46 Derby Street
Cheetam Hill
M8 8HN

Make A Donation

Sponsor a teacher, student, an entire project or give your zakat and sadaqah to support our work.
The Trust offers an array of projects that needs your valuable support..